1. Wintr Flowrs… MINE!

    Wintr Flowrs… MINE!

  2. Cat n mouse

    Homminy playing with her fuud.

  3. Mel Gibson fan

    My daughter is a huge fan of “Road Warrier”.

    Do you know what you get when homminey walks across the desert at Christmas?

    Sandy Paws!

  4. Being a cat

    I’m not a cute plush children’s toy. I am my own person, I have my own agenda, and I apologize to no-one.

     I do things that will offend your sensibilities, but I am a cat, I do what I want.

    If I happen to share my affection with you, consider yourself blessed, otherwise, leave me the @%*& alone.

  5.  A cat hoarder…

    I don’t want to be hoarded… It’s hard work establishing boundaries when there are too many of us crowded together in one small house.

    What did she say she wants to do to us?

    Terroristic threats I’d call it.

  6. Let me at it!

    Let me at it!

  7. Oh look at da purdy cat toy!

    Oh look at da purdy cat toy!

  8. Cat Food

    kitten eating rat:

     That’s my kid!